Chicken Biscuit

Monday, May 7, 2018

F O O D T O U R: new food tour alert. So this is nothing official but I can get pretty stuck on one food thing for quite a while. I’ll eat one thing that I like and then I just keep ordering at different places to try the many ways it can be done. We’ve done an ice cream tour a macaron tour and a few others but it usually happens seasonally. Not because I’ve planned it I’m just beginning to notice this pattern and it has definitely kicked in again with the chicken biscuit. We’re in the south where biscuits are expected to be amazing and fried chicken is an absolute. But I can’t just do chicken on a biscuit so I order it with pimento cheese and honey. I’ve not seen it like this on the menu so I do have to ask for it specifically but it is worth the ask. This chicken biscuit @grubdurham was very good and super cute. #chickenbiscuit #foodtour

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