Support Local: Blueberry Crumb Cake Edition

Sunday, February 19, 2017

I walked into a local bakery yesterday with the kiddies and we were all excited and the owner was there front and center. I remember when she first bought the bakery she seemed anxious and hopeful on that first week being open. A few years have passed since then and her tone seems the same but I noticed one small difference, there was an intense moment where someone walked in took a look around and walked. The owner looked nearly frantic after calling out a greeting to the visitor.

The quality is there, she's in a great location and everyone in the shop is so friendly. So why should she be so freaked out because one guy wasn't diggin' it? I would imagine if her loaves were flying off the bakers' racks faster than she could fill them then she may not have the same reaction of panic.

Our local bakers are amazing and we need the kind of delicious food in our lives and the truth is they need our support.

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