When Your Soul Sighs In Front of The Kids

Thursday, July 7, 2016

We are an art and culture blog and while j a d e + g i n g e r is typically very light we do like to share our understanding of our experiences. This blog is about the way I experience the world around me and how I share that with my children. It is about how they experience art and culture and the world around them and how we connect with each other as we digest these experiences. 

So,when they see me laugh they ask "what's funny?". When they see me scowl they ask, if I'm angry and when they see me cry they ask "what's wrong?". 

Today I did a lot of crying that they didn't see, while they were at camp. Then, on our drive home listening to some music, before I realized what'd happened, my two little babes were asking me "what's wrong mommy?" All I had done was sigh to prompt this question.  

And I had to decide then how to answer, how to digest and share in the most balanced way possible what was happening in today's news. I knew in that moment I wasn't prepared.  "What's wrong, mommy?" all I could say in that moment was, "I don't know, babies. I don't know."

These pictures are of me nearly 30 years ago
 Question or Statement?

*This may be one of those posts that evolves.


Sandra E. McDuffie said...

I love the way you express your feelings with the "munchkins"! My soul is sighing with you.

Sandra E. McDuffie said...

Honey, that was beautiful. Thank you for sharing your toddler picture. That was my first seeing it...precious!!!
I am also going to attempt making your recipe. Will let you know how it goes. Love you, Grandma!