Three Things To Know About Black Garlic

Monday, June 27, 2016

Here at j a d e + g i n g e r we made our first attempt at homemade ramen! *and the choir sang* It was phenomenal and the whole squad was quite pleased. There was one ingredient that seemed to be the star of the show and has become my sole obsession over the past 4 days, black garlic!

There are three very important things I've learned since my first black garlic experience.

1. Packed with layers of flavor and origins are unknown, but it has been said to be used quite predominately for centuries in Korean, Japanese and Chinese cuisine.
3. Don't even bother making homemade Ramen without it.

Bonus* You can do some amazing chocolate cake things with black garlic according to Food Network star Justin Warner.

What do you know about black garlic?  Let us know, we're ready for all the experimentation.

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