Women Crush Wednesday: Megan George author of The Modern Terrarium Workshop

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

#wcw I don't crush often but when I do I blog about it! Last Friday I spent my evening at West Elm Southpoint indulging in hand-spun cotton candy, mocktails, cookies, photo booth sessions and amazing company but even with all of this excitement there was still more and by more I mean #themost, this was all humbly hosted by one of my all-time local favorites The Zen Succulent. All the festivities were in celebration of the launching of The Zen Succulent's gorgeous new book Modern Terrarium Studio. This was one of the most exciting events I've been to this year! I've been anxiously awaiting Wednesday just so I can share this event by saying...I'm wcw-ing on Megan George Co-Owner and Creative Director of @thezensucculent and most recently the author,creator, genius behind the newly released book Modern Terrarium Studio.

Megan is an inspiration and she glows from the inside out and it translates in everything she does! Without a doubt it's why she and everything around her does and will continue to flourish! 

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