Tatts, Tinctures and Tea Leaves

Friday, May 1, 2015

It was more than a year ago when I first heard about Honeysuckle Tea House. Having been employed in Los Angeles by one of the most adorable Tea Houses I've ever been to at the age of 14, the prime age for impressing and molding a young girl, I become excited anytime I step foot in a tea house with more than 20 options of loose leaf teas. 

To my excitement not only were there plenty of tea varieties most of the leaves are grown, harvested  and dried on site. 

During my visit I was fortunate enough to be there while Dana, Honeysuckle's herbalist, was cutting and preparing a big freshly pulled bushel of mint leaves. The smell was so sweet, crisp and minty of course!  I can't say enough how delightful it is to be in this kind of an atmosphere.  

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