Market Mashups

Friday, May 22, 2015

If you're a foodie there are two events that happen at least once a week. The first is you frequent the local farmer's markets! The second is you casually happen across the newest food truck, which you may or may not have scoured the interweb to find. Or you were just in the mood to stop at one of your trusted food truck favorites.

This is no new discovery that foodies and sustainability savants alike enjoy a good farmer's market and supporting your local food trucks. Most farmer's markets have expanded to making food trucks a part of the market! And everybody was happy!

And yet...there was a way to bring these two foodie favorites even closer still! And it would seem Guenevere Abernathy  was the one to bring food trucks and farmer's markets closer than white on rice (or brown on rice if we're going the whole grain, unbleached, organic route) with LoMo Market!

This little food truck, farmer's market mashup is sweeter than garnet yams! We can't wait to visit again it is beautifully designed, filled with an abundance of luscious fruits, vegetables, breads, jams, sauces, grits and anything you would likely need for dinner for the rest of the week, even fish caught earlier that day! If one of everything could've just danced it's way right into my grocery bag like a scene from Walt Disney's Fantasia with Mickey Mouse gracefully conducting the tomato and onion and each kind of green, and nut butters and such one by one perfectly landing into place, ah yes then that would complete this foodie fantasy come true! 
Delicious! It was a pleasure meeting the team members there as well as one of their local vendors and I look forward to reporting back about some of the pop-up events that they'll be hosting in the future.   

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