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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

jade + ginger has been a small, very intimate project for me for almost seven years now. And though I had only planned to use this blog to document my favorite family recipes and save a few fun memories to share with my newborn daughter by keeping a "journal" that could never truly be lost, erased, burned or stolen ( I don't know who would steal my journals but just in case) it has now grown into something that my baby girl who is now 7 understands and truly enjoys sharing with me.

It has become one of our "things", like story- time before bed or saying jinx at the end of our sentences or just cracking up and laughing out loud just because, we like to journal.

I think she has 12 maybe 13 journals floating around this place and since I only have five there have been a time or two that I've written in one of her fuzzy Hello Kitty journals or maybe that Wonder Woman one. I strategically write in the middle so she doesn't notice until way later that I've used it, heaven forbid I write in her fresh new journals while the pages are still crisp and smell like new paper. We have fun retelling the stories of our day. We enjoy being able to share that with one another and many times with the rest of our friends and family.

Since my little girly feels comfortable with her voice in writing we thought it'd be fun to add some digital journaling to her repertoire. She has really been the one pushing me to step up my own writing.

So here's to my blogging partner ginger! I'm so proud of you baby and so glad to have you join the blogging staff at jade + ginger!

Our journey's will be many and we will happily share those experiences often!


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