No new trails are to be blazed cut or otherwise established

Saturday, April 25, 2015

An incredible thing happened this morning on my run! I noticed a sign, which I clearly had given none of my attention to in the past. It read, "No New Trails are to blazed cut or otherwise established."

This was quite obviously a personal challenge. And it just screamed conformity. It made me reconsider my parenting style and I officially felt very different about the way I'd chose to raise my children in the future.

Needless to stay I veered off the path and as I took the road less traveled I noticed it was scarier, riskier but the reward was so much greater than the trail provided it smelled different it sounded different it looked like I had traveled to another part of the world. Pushing further than most had in the past just to experience more of what was real and natural and uninterrupted by a "paved way" was an exhilarating experience and I look forward to blazing new trails.

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