Ginger's first post: A-mazing play date

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hi i am ginger, the newest contributor at jade + ginger! i have lots of fun being a 1st grader and sometimes i just want to tell you about it.
here I am at the stick sculpture at the botanical gardens 
So here goes... my first post!
I had a play date with my friend and her sister and my brother.  I had so much fun! We went in the sculpture it was like a maze. Mommy thought it was scary! Before we went to the sculpture we had a little picnic. And after the sculpture we went to the brid blinds.
Patrick Daugherty Sculpture
Some of the animals I saw were a snapping turtle, birds and tadpoles! I also saw some butterflies, they were beautiful! 
my brother thought the snapping turtle was huge

I had a great time and I plan to go back again!

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