How Sweet

Sunday, February 22, 2009

You know Krispy Kreme is just really what you need sometimes. Now I must say I was comfy and wedged in my couch after a long day at work and finally getting my tiny sweetie to bed. Then it seemed just as I was ready to zone out completely a Krispy Kreme craving hit me like a ton of sugar! I knew that the comfort of my couch wouldn't beat out my craving so I abandoned my sofa for a trip to the store. I asked my husband if he wanted me to pick something up for him on my trip for some pre-boxed Krispy Kreme's but he was not interested since he was on his way to sleep. Just as i thought he was gonna let me brave the dark pregnant and on my own he came out of our room fully dressed and ready to get my doughnuts for me! HOW SWEET?!?

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