Hand Packed Seasonings: A trip to the NC Farmers Market

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Last weekend we took a spontaneous trip to NC. We really had a lot of fun and enjoyed plenty of unexpeted treats!

We went to my moms new house in Chapel Hill, we went to my father-in-law's place in Raleigh and I went to the NC farmers market!

My mom's place is really beautiful, I really love Chapel Hill it is so lovely!You really get to appreciate the natural surroundings, the air is so clean and the atmosphere is so mellow. We we watched a family of deer grazing right in front of us, true we were seperated by a huge picture window and sitting in my moms cozy family room but it was still a beautiful experience to stare at the deer as they do their thing and to watch them peer back at us as we do our's.

We then enjoyed a nice visit to my father-in-laws house. Jovon's grandma was visiting from California so we were able to spend time with her and Sydney got a chance to bond with her Great Grandma, Ruth-the-Great!

I spent a little time with Ruth-the-Great myself. She went to the NC Farmers Market a few days before we arrived and saw some candy that she hadn't seen or eaten since she was a child. She was excited about her findings and wanted to buy some candy for her plane ride back to Cali. Luckily I made it to my in-laws house just before she and my step-mother-in-law, Teresa, were leaving for the market. I was thrilled to hop in the car with them because I can never pass up a trip to any farmer's market.

There were some serious goodies at this Farmers Market! Old school treats by the barrel load, that were sure to send anyone down memory lane and highly likely to give you a sugar high!

I did not leave the goody arena empty handed! I swiped some dry red lentils that were curiously placed near the kiddie candy, Boston Baked Beans. Being a lentil fan I was quite excited to find out that my green fiberous fave came in a variety of colors, these were a pretty red tint and I can't wait to chow down on 'em.

Just before leaving the indoor section of the farmer's market I noticed a wall full of 8 oz. plastic containers that would normally hold cream cheese to see that they were labelled all the spices and seasonings you could imagine, certain that they couldn't be spreads in an unrefridgerated section I was curious to find out just what was in these spice labelled containers, well what-da-ya-know SPICES!

Hahah, I must admit, as silly as it may sound, I was very puzzled by these homemade looking spices so I just had to ask the vendor what was up with these products and I am so glad I asked!

I was in for a great little treat listening to the story behind this packaging. The seasonings are handmade, weighed and hand-packed! 

The vendor said she recieves huge sacks full of the different spices from the Amish who grow, grind and sell these spices to her and she then weighs, packages and labels each container! How exciting! This is why I just love going to the Farmer's Market there is always something new to learn!

As I moved to the outdoor portion of the market I came across sweet potatos that grow white and they are much sweeter and not as stringy as the traditional sweet potato, yum!

My step-mother in-law loves them she said they remind her of her own childhood because her dad used to grow them by the fields! I had no idea. She bought some...i'm thinking white sweet potatoe and ginger soup! Yeah that sounds good!

My trip was really wonderful and I'm so glad to spend these great times and share these fun things with my family, the people that I love so much! I love seeing my daughter experience such pure and natural treats.

As a budding foodie I can't offer much wisdom but one thing I can say for sure is, GO to every Farmer's Market you possibly can. There are surely new experiences awaiting you at each one!

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