My First: Raising money for Heifer International

Monday, December 8, 2008

Moo Baby MooOoO!

What could be more appropriate than a milk and cookies theme for the Heifer International fund raiser? I made a vanilla/ oreo crumb cupcake topped with a vanilla frosting and adorned with one mini oreo, YuMm, YES! And to help sharpen the raiser I gaveaway prizes; one from West Elm and one from Bath and Body Works. I hid large oreos at the bottom of only a few of these cupcakes and whoever found the hidden cookie won a prize. This was very fun and I feel good about it. I'm sure the next event will be much more successful just because I've done one already now. I see success in my future :) hehe

The Oreo Chunk Cookie, was an absolute must for this Cow Print Event!

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