Cupcake Extravaganza

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My first, I mean my baby's first Birthday! hehe

I was so excited and since month four of Sydmey's arrival I've been thinking about a wonderful party to celebrate her precious, gorgeous, healthy and very blessed life of one year!

I had so many fun ideas but as soon as I saw this pull pinata in Parents Magazine I knew I had to have it. And the sweetest thing was that this wasn't the only piece of cupcakey goodness that I found, there was also a Pin-The-Candle-on-The-Cupcake game!!! UkHh, how cute?

After much consideration and plenty of indecision on the theme and location appropriate for my babe's party, me and my hubby finalized on a cupcake theme and rather than having it at home we reserved the ACG club (beautiful) for her 1st birthday! And from that point on all things cupcake kept falling into my lap and the activities were absolutely age appropriate!

Once the what...when...and where... were set, I was ready to create our invitations and prepare them for delivery!

Next step following the invitation's completion I was ready to wrap these cupcakes up in their packages and put my inviter to work! It was time to invite our guests to Sydney's Cupcake-A-Palooza

She was quite adorable (I must say) and ready to go! The next steps were to finalize the decor, menu, party favors and fun stuff, and of course our wardrobe! The goal was to keep it creative, colorful, healthy, fun, safe and exciting for a group of 1-2 year olds.

I decided to set everything up in stations for the little ones. The one thing that I just had to have for the kiddies was a mini ball-pit so that was the next order of business on my list! The search was not going well the only pits I found were either mmm yuck, the wrong size or just the wrong color... until.... ahHhH the angels shined down on us and guided me to the perfect ball-pit for this toddler's tango! And most of the lil' sweeties loved it!

Actually all of the tiny tot's liked this pit except Sydney, of course.Some of the things she did love though were her grandma (me mum), her first juicebox,definately her birthday song and the cupcakes! (my favorite was the Giant rainbow chip cupcake!)

Everything was wonderful and came together smoothly! I was overwhelmed with happiness! The main goal of the party was for Sydney to have fun and have all the people she loves and enjoys being around with us to celebrate her first birthday! I know she isn't old enough to remember everything about the party but just seeing the joy on her face for that day was worth every bit of work we put in!!!

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